7 Day Reset

7 days of plant-based Spring recipes to help you renourish,

re-connect and re-set.



Included in the 7 Day Reset

  • A complete, nutritionist approved 7 Day Meal Plan for £9.99

  • A complete seasonal shopping list

  • A prep list

  • 12 Nourishing Vegan* Recipes from Anna Jones

  • Tips & advice for how to re-connect with your cooking and your eating

  • Anna's advice on what eating well really means

  • Follow on advice for how to continue with a vegetarian or plant based diet

*with vegetarian swaps for those that want


Spring holds promise. To me it feels like the true start of the year, when everything is waking from its winter sleep; when the first green shoots, leaves and vegetables show their heads. It is rebirth, reawakening, resetting. So it’s at this time of year that I often feel like it’s time for a reset.

My journey into eating and cooking with plants at the centre of my plate, and in turn writing my books, came out of one such reset.

Like anyone else, I get into patterns and habits with food; some good, some bad, driven as much by emotion as nutrition. A few times a year I do a reset to help me connect with what I am eating again, to tune back in with my body and to fall back in love with food again.


Cook and Author


7 days of plant-based recipes to help you re-nourish, re-connect and re-set


Spending a week with Anna, so to speak, was a gentle, soothing joy. waking up to breakfast already made- a fragrant bowl of breakfast kheer- made me feel cared for. Prepping meals for the week isn’t my norm; but with a little hand holding, it was a dream. Filling, health giving, delicious food- crispy butter beans, who knew? - lemony lentils, lemongrass and peanut broth... it was all a gift.

When the emphasis is on cooking with grace- filling the senses, shopping with intention, inhaling aromas, these seven days are more of a retreat than diet or detox. A retreat in my own kitchen.




What to expect.

This plan is an easy-to-follow, practical recipe and meal plan

for those wishing to re-nourish and re-set.

Delivered straight to your inbox as a downloadable PDF,

this is for those keen to get back into the kitchen cooking deliciously

simple, plant-based meals from scratch - with grace.


Recipes include: