What will I get if I purchase the plan?
A PDF which is downloaded via a link ( live for 24 HOURS) emailed to your inbox. It contains easy to prepare plant-based recipes that you can cook at home - three meals a day for seven days. As well as my notes on what eating well means, a shopping list, prep list and tips for ways to support the reset through the week. The rest has been approved by a registered nutritionist.

What if my link has expired?
Please email daisy@thefound.co.uk with your order number to get your link reset.

Are the recipes vegan?
Yes all of the recipes are vegan, a lot of the food I cook naturally tends to be vegan, and I always like to eat this way when doing a reset. That said, if you’d would prefer to add a little yoghurt for instance these recipes they will be easy to adapt.

How much does it cost?
The plan is £9.99 which is a one off price. You will receive the plan as a PDF via a download link on the email you provided at checkout.

Are these new recipes?
The majority of the recipes new with a couple of old favourites that I rely on when embarking on simplifying how I eat, resetting my palate and intentions around food.

Can I do this plan with my partner?
Yes. The recipes in the reset are for one, but they are all easy to double up for the whole week or just one meal. You will need to tweak the shopping list accordingly.  

How much will all the ingredients cost me?
Between £40 and £65 for the week depending on what dry ingredients and pantry staples you have on hand. These prices were calculated at a mid range supermarket.

What day does the plan start?
If you’d like to follow along with me as I do the plan via my Instagram, I will be doing the reset from 6th January 2019 with some and starting the reset on the 7th January for 1 week. and will finish on 13th January. You could start the plan any day you like after it drops on the 4th January.

How long will it take to cook the dishes?
All recipes in the plan can be cooked in under an hour – most take around 30 minutes. Although I cook for a living, at the end of a long day the last thing I want is to spend hours in the kitchen. I have suggested prepping a couple of the dishes for the week on the Sunday night but if this is not possible don’t worry.

Who created the plan?
I (Anna Jones) created the plan using close to 20 years cooking experience and a keen interest in eating well. I am an award winning food writer and Guardian food columnist. Anna Jones. I teamed up with Anna Little, a nutritional therapist, who checked and made some tweaks to the recipes to ensure all nutritional bases are covered.

What if I want to exclude an ingredient?
If you want to exclude an ingredient you can replace it like for like with another ingredient, squash could be swapped for sweet potatoes for instance, or spinach for spring greens. Please note though that this plan has been nutritionally balanced based on the ingredients as they appear in the plan and we cannot guarantee nutritional balance once ingredients are swapped.

Will I need to prepare my food?
Yes. The reset is a list of suggested recipes for the week, it is not a meal delivery service. The recipes are quick and easy to prepare and the ingredients can be brought at any major supermarket or high street.

Can I do the reset if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?
If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, your body has greater nutrient requirements so we would not recommend this reset without consulting your health care practitioner.

Can I do the reset if I am gluten intolerant?
Some recipes do contain oats which are not gluten free, the plan is easily adapted to be gluten free by using gluten free oats.

Can I do the reset if I have a nut allergy?
This reset includes some nuts. If you have a nut allergy, substitute the nuts for seeds like pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, chia or hemp seeds and switch nut butter for tahini.

Do I need to take supplements while doing the reset?
We don’t recommend taking supplements throughout the reset. The emphasis of the reset is encouraging more conscious eating and cooking and focusing on balance using delicious seasonal whole foods. Do not stop taking any supplements or medication you are have been talking without speaking to your healthcare practitioner.

Will I lose weight on this plan?
This 7 Day Reset is my way of renewing my eating and cooking, it is not intended in any way to be a weight loss programme. This is not a diet, it’s a framework for packing your meals with fruits, vegetables and wholegrains. A way of eating and cooking consciously and making sure that joy and deliciousness is always front and centre.

Will there be calorie counts?
Although my recipes have been checked over by a nutritionist to ensure a wide range of food groups, it was a conscious decision not to include calorie counts/ nutritional info alongside them. I want this week to encourage you to replenish, restore and revive – to reconnect with your body. It puts plants at the centre of every meal, and aims to reset your palate and kickstart some good new habits.

What should I eat after the reset?
There is a huge range of plant-based recipes on my website annajones.co.uk, as well as in my Guardian column and three cookbooks.  There will be some more detailed information on how to move on from the weeks reset in the plan. For longer dietary changes or nutrition support please work with a registered nutritional therapist who can support you in understanding your health goals.